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7 Practical Content Marketing Tips


– 7 practical content marketing tips. Content is one of the key aspects of SEO. And as they say, content is key. And in theory, if you have a lot of it, it creates more opportunities for you to rank well. Because like I said, “in theory.”Let’s go over practical tips that’ll help your content perform better.

Tip number one,

content isn’t king, but fresh content is king. If you write content and you rank really well, and really high up on Google, don’t expect it to last forever. If you write content and you rank really, really high in Google, don’t expect it to last unless you keep your content fresh like Wikipedia.

If you can continually keep your content fresh and update it, and not by just a few words or pictures, but instead, continually really improving and making it the best user experience out there, you’re going to have a better chance of improving your rankings and staying up there in the long run. The moment you stop updating your content will be the moment that your traffic keeps struggling from an SEO standpoint.

Tip two,

content shouldn’t be written for search engines. And writing content for users isn’t enough either. It has nothing to do with rankings or traffic. Why? Because when you write content, eventually your traffic will be going up and you’ll find that it won’t drive as many sales or leads as you expect. So what do you do?

Well, you could try to sell to your audience through things like exit popups, but keep in mind, that people came to read that page. So the best solution, write content that converts and adjusts your content to also talk about your products, and your services, and blend them in when it makes sense. This way, you can get traffic and revenue.

So for example, if I have an article that talks about SEO tips and seven SEO tips, I’ll also say if you’re struggling to implement these tips check out my ad agency, NPDigital.We are ranked the performance marketing agency of the year because we help people crash it with their SEO.So click here if you want to work with us. Do you see how I’m blending it in? I can also do that for videos like this as well.

Tip three,

a picture still says a thousand words. Even if search engines prefer text over visual images, from infographics to animated GIFs, you’ll want to use images that convey your message when possible. It drives way more engagement and backlinks, both from a social media perspective and an SEO perspective. A great example of this is an animated graphic of a cheetah running. Using tools like Canva, you can make more content that’s like this, and is visual.

Tip four,

if you don’t have something new to say, figure out something else to say. Just think about it this way, there are over 1.2 billion results for the term auto insurance in the United States. Yet there are only 165,000 people in the United States searching for that term each month. To give you a perspective, there are 7,272 times more results than searchers.

And just like every other topic on the web, it’s been beaten to death and no one cares for another auto insurance blog post. You either need to say new stuff to talk about, or you need to showcase the information in different ways as a visual infographic to make it stand out.

You can also use tools like AnswerThePublicto find new topics that people are interested in that are up and coming, so you can also create getting content on that instead of regurgitating the same old information over and over again.

Tip five,

spend more time promoting your content than writing it. Follow the 80/20 rule. If it takes you two hours to write a piece of content, spend eight hours promoting it. Now it doesn’t have to be exactly that way, but you get my point, spend more time promoting the content than writing it.

Content marketing is competitive so focus on unique ways to promote whatever you produce. I leverage email marketing push notifications and social media as my main strategies for promoting my content.

Tip six,

And speaking of emails, this gets me into tip six, don’t forget to collect emails. The easiest way to get more engagement on your content is by sending out email blasts. Whether you’re collecting emails from a link tree, tools like that, exit popups, or even content upgrades, you need to collect more emails don’t rely on one email collection method, use as many as possible as it adds up. Typically, if you’re getting a hundred visitors, you’re doing a good job, you’ll collect two to three emails.


Tip seven,

I want you to repurpose your content so you don’t get burned out. You aren’t just using content for your blog, you’re also using it for social media or even podcasting. It’s too much work to create content that’s unique for each channel, so repurpose it. I tend to create video content first and then I take what’s popular and turn it into blog posts, and podcasts.

I even create, you know, infographic space off of that. And then sometimes I even take the videos and slice and dice them, and use it as Reels or quotes. And if I have good quotes, I’ll capture their images and post them on social media as well. And this helps get the most amount of brand awareness and traffic by just doing something simple, repurposing your content.

Thank you for your time.

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