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7 Ways For Your Co-workers to Help With Marketing

7 ways for your coworkers to help you with your marketing. Do you have coworkers? If so, great, because I’m going to teach you how to leverage them for more traffic. And if you don’t have coworkers, no worries, you can use your friends instead.

Slack: https://slack.com/
Microsoft Teams: https://www.microsoft.com/
Upper: https://upper.co/
Ubersuggest: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

strategy number one,

ask your team for social love. Whenever your company posts on the social web, ask your team to give you some love. Whether it’s a like or a share, it all helps. But what works really, really well is comments. It works better than a like or a share. See, comments take more effort to leave than, let’s say, a like or a share. So every time that you’re posting something on the social web that is promoting your content or your website, ask people to help you out socially.

The more engaging their comments are, the better that story that post, whatever you’re posting, will do. because that impacts the algorithm more than anything else. The way I get my employees engaged is through our internal communication channels, like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Strategy two,

have your team talk about your company. Everyone these days has social profiles, such as LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter, or even Instagram. When they do cool stuff at work, they should share it. When they have a friend who should buy your product or service, let them recommend it. The more people that they can send your way, the better.

Strategy three,

let your employees use company time to become brand ambassadors. From going to conferences to local events, or even speaking events, the more brand ambassadors you have, the better. It’s a great way for the company’s name to get out there. And it’s a win-win, both for you and the employee. Just think about it, which one of your employees wouldn’t love to go to an event and travel on the company’s dime? A lot of them would love to, you can set up rules such as, you have to speak at the event to go. And of course, they have to promote the company.

Strategy four,

ask your employees to blog. As they say, content is king. The more amazing content you have on your blog, the better. And Google loves content from industry experts. So if anyone on your team wants to volunteer and write in their free time, that’s great. Because it’ll help you get more traffic, plus that content’s going to be higher quality from a data and educational or even thought leadership perspective because it’s from an industry expert.

You may need to have a part-time editor help you and your internal team to edit whatever content they write and spruce it up. But you can usually find these people on ProbLog or Upper.

Strategy five,

give them the swag they will actually use. You see billboards everywhere because they work. It’s great branding. Short run, not the biggest ROI. Long run, it can provide amazing ROI. Just like billboards, you can turn your employees into one, as well. By giving them the swag they love and want to wear, they will turn into walking billboards.

Strategy six,

have them leave reviews. Not all platforms will allow this, but for the ones that do, have your employees leave reviews. The reviews should only be left if they use your product or service and they should be honest. The more reviews you have, the more sales you’ll generate. People love reviews.

Strategy seven,

embed marketing into your culture. This one may sound silly but the hardest part about getting your team to market the company is getting them to care and want to do it. If it’s part of your culture and everyone does it and embraces it and loves it, you are more likely to keep doing well. It’s a big part because, in most companies, you’ll find that people just stop helping others with their marketing over time. But the companies with strong cultures that have an emphasis on helping them market the company, their team will keep pushing forward.

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