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Five marketing predictions for 2023

Five marketing predictions for 2023

Five marketing predictions for 2023. One, optimize your marketing strategy for 2023. You have to be prepared. You are having a set plan with a budget and tangible goals is absolutely essential. But the rub, you have to also be able to pivot. Things can change in marketing at the drop of a dime. You see and read about all these algorithm updates. That means if you don’t adapt to them, you won’t do well in the future. Whatever your approach may be, you have to have it solidified, otherwise you’re just playing catch up. Now, I have some predictions for 2023, so take note and let’s see how things shake out.

Prediction one

More and more brands will move away from third-party cookie data. Did you know that the end of third-party cookies on Chrome starts in 2024? Now that’s a whole extra year. Now they may delay a little bit but chances are it will happen in 2024. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a leg up on things right now. You don’t have to wait for 2024.

Prediction two

Voice search will continue to be a major factor. Sales from voice search were roughly 40 billion last year and they expect to grow even more this year above 50 plus billion. Now, some tips if you want more voice search optimized for mobile. In other words, make sure your site loads fast. Make sure your content is concise, and you’re answering questions really short and to the point. Look at long-tail keywords and make sure you blend them within your content. Also, optimize for conversational question-based keywords. You can use tools like AnswerThePublicto find out these keywords. And again, make sure that your answers are to the point of these questions. In other words, if you can answer them in one sentence instead of two even better. Don’t take five, or six sentences to answer a question when it could be done in one sentence that’s short and to the point.

Prediction three

Live shopping will take off. Live commerce will generate a predicted $387 billion in China alone. It hasn’t taken off as much in the United States, but it is catching fire and we’re seeing when influencers are part of the live selling, it does exceptionally well.

Prediction four

Social commerce will drive the conversation. 54% of users leverage social media to research products, so are using social media to showcase your products? From unboxing videos, heck to even people leaving reviews and talking about how they use your product. Even if you have a service, you can still use social media to get people to break down how they’re using your service and the results.

Prediction five

Podcast advertising will explode. In Britain alone, audiences consumed almost 60 million hours of podcasts a week. 75% of mobile gamers prefer audio ads over video ads. And we see podcast advertising booming because the amount of podcasts out there is really tiny. There are over a billion blogs, but from the last step that we saw when it comes to podcasts, there are less than 10 million podcasts. So, there’s just not that much competition, and a lot of the advertising that’s happening on podcasts right now is to promote other people’s podcasts.

Seven steps to ranking on YouTube

Seven steps to ranking on YouTube

Seven steps to ranking number one on YouTube. As someone that spends a lot of time on their YouTube channel, I promise you that I totally get the frustration when your videos just aren’t ranking well. All that time and effort for nothing, right?

What a drag. YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors,62% of them who access the platform daily. And visitors spend an average of 19 minutes every single day on the platform. Simply put, there are a lot of people who are using YouTube every day, which means there’s a ton of market share to be captured. If you can apply the right methods for ranking on YouTube, you can do really well, and I’m going to teach you how in just simple seven steps.


Step one,

perform keyword research. This is what will ultimately make it easiest for your audience to find you, and find you is how you get shared. In other words, if no one finds you, you’re not going to get any views. So, I want you to go to AnswerThePublic.com, put in keywords and it’ll show you all the other keywords that are trending right now and are super popular and people are searching for today. And that data is continually updated on a daily basis. It even tells you the popularity of those keywords. You can do the same with another tool called Ubersuggest.com. Put in a keyword and it’ll give you a laundry list. Ubersuggest gives you more keywords.AnswerThePublic focuses on more of what’s trending today.

Step two,

once you have those keywords and the popular ones, incorporate them within your title. Match your search intent with the content in your video and how you describe it on your platform. So, it should be within the title of the video should be on that topic. If you’re just putting the keyword within the title and the video’s not really on it, you’re not going to do well because people are just going to bounce away from your video in the first few seconds and it’s going to hurt your rankings.

Step three,

optimize your video description and video file.YouTube recommends putting the most important keywords in the first couple sentences of your description and making sure the description is under 200 words. And make sure you add the keywords to the file name as well.


Step four,

use the right hashtags. You want to add hashtags to your video descriptions and your titles so that your video comes up when users search for a specific hashtag. That’s super important because, if you’re not using hashtags with the right keywords, you’re going to have less discoverability with your videos and you’re going to see that your videos are going to get suggested less over time as well.


Step five,

select the right category. Look, when someone searches for a particular video with advanced options, they can optimize their search to only show videos from that specific category. So you don’t want to just select the most generic category. You want to select the most relevant category for the videos you’re creating.


Step six,

upload a custom thumbnail. YouTube recommends using images that are 1,280 by 720 pixels and saved as two megabytes or smaller. It’s all about that thumbnail. If no one’s really clicking on that thumbnail, you’re not going to do well. So you want thumbnails that pop, grab people’s attention, and sometimes have data in them, and you’ll find that people click through and watch your video.


Step seven,

use an SRT file to add subtitles and closed captions. You can use this feature to highlight important keywords, and I know YouTube can automatically quote, unquote transcribe your video, and add the subtitle seven if you don’t upload an SRT file, but it’s not the same. Uploading one really does help with your rankings.

Five mistakes every new marketer makes

Five mistakes every new marketer makes

Five mistakes almost every new marketer makes. You’re new to marketing, you have energy, you have optimism, and you’re hungry for success. So what can you do to ensure all that energy doesn’t go to waste?

Here’s a harsh stat for you, courtesy of LinkedIn.95% of people fail online, lose money, or never make a penny from internet marketing. That means that the odds are against your success but that’s only because you’re new and don’t know much better. Look, no one’s perfect. I’ve made tons of mistakes. So many, I can’t even count them on both my hands and I keep making them. The biggest difference is that I know which dumb, small, or maybe big mistakes to avoid. And here are the top five mistakes I see new marketers making all the time.


Mistake number one:

lack of research. The market research services industry is growing fast. From 75 billion in 2021 to a projected 90.79 billion in 2025. If you do market research, you’ll figure out what people want. See, marketing isn’t about doing what you want to appeal to the ideal customers. You’re not buying, your ideal customers are buying. So how can you appeal to them? Through market research, you can figure out what they like, what they don’t, what’s appealing to them, the problems that they’re facing, and the solutions you can provide. And the key wording that I just said is the problems they’re facing and the solutions you can provide. In your marketing, if you can address problems and then talk about your solutions, you’re much more likely to win.


Mistake number two:

poor branding positioning. Do you know where your niche lies? So many companies market products without considering brand perception or what their audience needs. Brand consistency can increase revenue by 33%. And it’s not just only about being consistent with the brand, it’s about being omnichannel with the brand. You know, one day I was in the Expedia Canada office and I was talking to an individual named Tony who’s running a lot of their marketing in SEO.

And Expedia owns tons of different brands, you know like Trivago or hotels.com, the list goes on and on. And when I was talking to Tony, he’s like, “Did you know, Neil, when we went omnichannel and our brand was in not just one channel or two channels but the majority of the channels and we’re using the data to optimize each of those channels, we were generating at least 10% more ROI from each channel.”I was like, “Really?”He’s like, “Yes.”Even though people are familiar with the Expedia brand, they did much better by being omnichannel.

Mistake number three:

not paying attention to repeat customers. Only a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your company’s revenue by 25 to 95%. Just think of it this way, you probably buy from amazon.com. You probably have bought from them multiple times. Did you know that Amazon makes the majority of its money from repeat customers, not new customers? That’s the key to building a big business. There are only so many people out there that you can target and it’s hard to convince someone to buy from you. But what’s easier than convincing someone to buy from you is convincing them, the person who’s already bought from you, to continually buy from you because you’ve already gained their trust.

Mistake number four:

not using an omnichannel approach.73% of customers prefer shopping through multiple channels. So use an omnichannel approach. Use TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SEO on Google, SEO on Bing, paid ads on Google, paid ads on Facebook, YouTube, and organic YouTube. You get the point. You want to take an omnichannel approach. As I mentioned earlier from the Expedia example they saw a much higher ROI.

Mistake number five:

lack of authenticity.88% of customers says authenticity matters when deciding what brands they like. So what are the reviews? What is open boxing? You know those videos on TikTok of someone using your product. That’s what people want to see, that’s authentic. You don’t need high-quality, crazy, amazing production to do well. You just need authentic stuff out there. And if you push that, you’ll do much better.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

car accident lawyer

One of the most common causes of injury and death worldwide is car accidents. If you have been in a car accident, you may need to hire a lawyer to help you get compensation for your losses. However, if you don’t know what to look for, choosing the right lawyer can be difficult. The top five things to think about when hiring a car accident lawyer are the subject of this article.


When selecting a lawyer to represent you in a car accident, experience should be your first consideration. Look for a lawyer with a proven track record of success who has handled cases similar to yours. A seasoned attorney will be familiar with the rules and laws that apply to car accidents and will be able to use that knowledge to your advantage.


A car accident lawyer’s reputation is also important. Look for a lawyer with a good reputation among their clients and in the legal community. You can check audits and appraisals on the web or request references from individuals you trust.


When working with a car accident lawyer, communication is essential. Find a lawyer who responds quickly and communicates effectively. They ought to be able to provide regular updates on your case and respond to your inquiries.


A lawyer for a car accident can charge a variety of fees. Some lawyers only get paid if you win a case because they work on a contingency fee basis. Others might charge a flat fee or an hourly rate. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you know how their fees are structured.

Special interactio

Last but not least, establishing a personal connection with your car accident lawyer is essential. It is essential to feel at ease with them because you will be working closely with them for some time. You should look for a lawyer who you can trust and who understands your situation.

There are a few things to think about when looking for a Dallas car accident lawyer to help with your case. To assist you in selecting the appropriate attorney, here are some suggestions:

  • Try to Find Experience: When looking for a Dallas car accident lawyer, look for someone who has handled similar cases before. The legal system and how to handle your case will be better understood by an experienced attorney.
  • Examine Testimonials and Reviews: Look for testimonials and reviews from previous customers. You may be able to gain a better understanding of the attorney’s approach and what to anticipate from them.
  • Find an Effective Communicator: Working with an attorney necessitates open lines of communication. Find someone who can communicate effectively with you and will keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Look for a plan with no upfront costs: You won’t have to pay anything up front if you sign a contract with a contingency fee. Instead, if you win your case, the attorney will get a cut of your settlement. If you are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, this might be a good choice for you.
  • Find an Attorney in Your Area: Find a local lawyer who is familiar with the courts in the Dallas area. When it comes to negotiating with insurance companies and presenting your case in court, this can be advantageous.


It can be hard to find the right Dallas car accident lawyer, but if you take these things into account, you can find one who will fight for your rights and represent your interests. Choose an attorney based on their experience, positive reviews, and ability to communicate. Look for a local attorney who is familiar with the area and think about a contingency fee arrangement. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with the right attorney on your side.

My five favorite PPC strategies

My five favorite PPC strategies

My five favorite PPC strategies. So what can you do to maximize your return on your pay-per-click campaign? Well, I want you to try out these five strategies and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Strategy one,

launch remarketing or retargeting campaigns. When you use remarketing to target a familiar visitor, they’re 70% more likely to purchase your product instead of a competitor. You’re probably wondering, what is this remarketing or retargeting that you’re talking about? Think of it this way. You go, you look to buy something. You browse Amazon or any e-commerce site. Have you noticed, when you look at something you may add that to your cart, but if you don’t buy and you keep browsing around the web you start seeing ads for that product? It’s crazy, right?

Are they mind readers? No, what they’re doing is using something called remarketing. What that does is, the website is telling Google or Facebook, “Hey, this person viewed this product, but they didn’t buy it, so can you please show them ads for it because they’re interested in it and maybe the ad will convince them to come back and buy again.”Super effective strategy, one of your highest converting campaigns. You got to leverage remarketing and it works for both B2C and B2B companies.

Strategy two,

leverage a cross-channel approach. Google Ads is great, but you might need to use a different platform to balance out your approach. There’s Facebook, there’s Instagram, there’s TikTok, there’s Snapchat, there’s Reddit, there’s Pinterest. The list goes on and on. But here’s what’s important with this strategy. It’s not about actually using, just let’s say, Google and Facebook and Instagram and TikTok.It’s actually taking your learnings from one platform and applying them to the other. When you do that, what you’ll find is they’ll all become more efficient and you’ll start generating a much higher ROI.


Strategy three,

design mobile-friendly landing pages. Look, more than 50% of the clicks happen on mobile devices. I don’t care if you’re in B2C or B2B, mobile is super popular. You got to optimize your landing pages for mobile, and they need to be different than desktop landing pages. If you put all that content you would do on a desktop device for a mobile landing page, probably not going to convert as well. Whether you use images or videos or quick animated gifs to get your message across, you need to have your mobile landing pages be super friendly when it comes to a visual aspect.

They also need to be responsible so it works on any type of mobile device. Some people have five-inch screens, some people have seven-inch screens, and some people have 10-inch screens. It needs to adapt to their device size. And you need a content delivery network. CDN, which is what it stands for as well so that your website or your mobile landing pages load faster. A CDN puts your site on servers throughout the whole world so that way when people visit your website, it pulls from a server that’s the closest to the city they’re in.



Strategy four,

use my Google Ads Creator. Look, go to Neil Patel. com, click on the tools navigation link and I was hoping you could go onto the Google Ads Creator. Or if you don’t see the menu, go to neilpatel.com/blog and you’ll see it at the top or on the homepage of neilpatel.com, it’s in the footer. The Google Ads Creator will tell you everything that’s wrong with your Google Ads and how to fix them.


Strategy five,

choose your campaign type wisely. Look, there are search ads, there are display ads there are social ads, and there are Google Shopping ads and the list goes on and on. Heck, you can even do ads within stories on Instagram. There are so many ad types, you need to test them all, and you need to be mindful. So for example, if I were doing an ad on Snapchat, I would actually take the copy I would normally present on a landing page, put it in Snapchat so when people can actually see it, and then, if they want to end up visiting my site to learn or buy more, they can visit my site.

But that way I’m keeping on Snap and pitching them there which means more people are going to see my message and I found that it increases my conversion rates. In other words, you need to be mindful of the channels that you’re using so you can adapt your advertising and your marketing to those channels.

Five ways to eliminate wasted ad spend

Five ways to eliminate wasted ad spend

Five ways to eliminate wasted ad spend. You’re running tons of ad campaigns, but how many of them are actually getting you some kind of return on your investment? According to Next & Co digital media’s waste report, the numbers on wasted ad spend are simply staggering. In Q1 of 2022, an average of 40% of media spend was wasted. You’re talking about billions of dollars here. Google found that more than 56% of ad impressions are never seen by customers.


Proxima estimates $37 billion of worldwide marketing budgets are being wasted on poor digital performance. So what can you do to make sure that you stand out from the majority of other advertisers out there? This sounds tricky, but it’s possible to make sure that you’re not just blowing all your ad budget. Here are five ways that you can do to eliminate wasted ad spend and make sure your ads actually get seen.


Strategy one,

this one’s simple. Target your audience effectively.66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. From looking at who your audience is doing look-a-like campaigns to uploading your email list to letting Facebook and Google learn based on where you’re getting conversions, this all helps you target the right people. The last thing you want to do is show your ad to the wrong customer. Think about your user persona. Who’s your ideal customer? Only show those people ads and remove everyone else. Once your ads become more and more profitable, and as you scale them up, then you can expand your audience. But first, have a laser focus on your ideal customer before you go broader.

Strategy two,

retarget users at different points and parts of your funnel. Consumers are 70% more likely to convert after clicking on a retargeting ad campaign. Here’s what I mean by this. Look, if someone comes to your website, let’s say you’re selling mattresses, they add that mattress to their checkout. They don’t buy, though. You’re devastated. You show them a remarketing ad for that mattress, so whenever they browse the web on different sites, they see ads for, guess what, your mattress that you’re selling. And you know what? That ad also showcases how it’s %5 or 10% off. They click, and they buy. That’s a great way to generate more sales because you’re targeting the right type of people. If someone added something to their cart but didn’t convert, you know they’re interested. Or if you’re in B2B, and someone went to one of your lead form pages, and filled it out partially or all the way, but they didn’t click the submit button because they changed their mind, remarketing them will increase your odds of converting them.

Strategy three,

leverage a cross-channel approach. Brands using three or more channels in a campaign enjoy a 287% higher purchase rate than those with a single-channel campaign. Plus, here’s the beautiful part. You can take all the learnings that you have from one channel, like Instagram or TikTok, and apply it to Facebook and Google, and other channels. That’s what we do. That’s how you can run so many more ad experiments at once. And then, figure out what’s working with your ideal audience, and then fine-tune your campaigns for all the other channels or platforms, and get the most ROI.

Strategy four,

use my ads grader tool. Go to neilpatel.com/blog.In the navigation, just click on tools. And then I want you to click on my ads grader. You know, go through the forms and the processes. It’s really easy, you have to click some buttons, and boom, you’re off into the race, and it’ll analyze all that you’re doing with your ads that are right and wrong and tell you what to fix. And best of all, it’s free.

Strategy five,

run ads at the right time. An ad run at the right time can help you generate sales. An ad run at the wrong time will just cost you money. Let’s say you’re in B2B and you’re trying to get more phone calls for your call center or your salespeople, and you show your ads Monday through Sunday, in essence, seven days a week. But if your people are only there o answer the phone calls from Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.,

well, the rest of the time, you’re paying money, and no one’s there to answer the phone call. Same with B2C. If you’re advertising for your store or your company and you’re not around 24/7, then you’re going to end up losing money. This is what’s called dayparting. It’s a simple way to save money if your business is not operating at all times, especially during times like the holidays when you should be turning off your ad if you have nothing to sell during those periods.

How a Car Wreck Injury Lawyer Can Help You Recover Your Damages

car accident

Car accidents can be devastating, leaving victims with injuries, property damage, and financial losses. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. However, navigating the legal system and dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming, especially if you are recovering from an injury. That’s where a car wreck injury lawyer comes in. In this article, we’ll explore how a car wreck injury lawyer can help you recover your damages and get the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Car Wreck Injury Lawyers

Car wreck injury lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in handling cases related to car accidents that result in personal injuries. They are experts in personal injury law and have a deep understanding of the legal system. These lawyers provide legal representation to individuals who have been injured in car accidents and help them to seek compensation for their damages.

Types of Car Accident Cases a Car Wreck Injury Lawyer Handles Car wreck injury lawyers handle a wide range of cases related to car accidents, including:

  1. Rear-end collisions
  2. Head-on collisions
  3. Side-impact collisions
  4. Multi-vehicle accidents
  5. Hit-and-run accidents
  6. Drunk driving accidents
  7. Distracted driving accidents
  8. Uninsured/underinsured motorist accidents
  9. Pedestrian accidents

How a Car Wreck Injury Lawyer Can Help You A car wreck injury lawyer can help you in many ways, including:

  1. Providing legal guidance: Car wreck injury lawyers can help you understand your legal rights and provide guidance on the best course of action to take.
  2. Investigating the accident: A car wreck injury lawyer can investigate the accident, gather evidence, and interview witnesses to build a strong case on your behalf.
  3. Negotiating with insurance companies: Car wreck injury lawyers can negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your damages.
  4. Representing you in court: If necessary, car wreck injury lawyers can represent you in court to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

The Importance of Hiring a Car Wreck Injury Lawyer Hiring a car wreck injury lawyer is important for several reasons, including:

  1. Protecting your legal rights: A car wreck injury lawyer can ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you receive fair compensation for your damages.
  2. Maximizing your compensation: Car wreck injury lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to maximize your compensation and ensure that you receive the full amount you are entitled to.
  3. Reducing stress: Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful. Hiring a car wreck injury lawyer can help reduce stress by handling the legal aspects of your case on your behalf.

What to Look for in a Car Wreck Injury Lawyer

When hiring a car wreck injury lawyer, it’s important to look for someone who:

  1. Specializes in car accident cases: Look for a lawyer who specializes in car accident cases and has experience handling cases similar to yours.
  2. Has a track record of success: Look for a lawyer with a track record of success in recovering damages for their clients.
  3. Communicates well: Look for a lawyer who communicates well and keeps you informed throughout the legal process
  4. Offers a free consultation: Look for a lawyer who offers a free consultation so you can discuss your case and determine if they are the right fit for you.


Car accidents can be devastating, but hiring a car wreck injury lawyer can help you recover your damages and get the compensation you deserve. These lawyers provide legal representation, guidance, and support throughout the legal

7 Tools to Write Content Faster

7 Tools to Write Content Faster

7 Tools to write content faster. There is so much content out there. How can you make sure that you’re keeping up with demand and that your content’s actually getting seen? Whether you’re streamlining your content strategy, automating portions of it, or updating old posts, content is still king, and you have to write a lot of it as quickly as you can. Want to know seven of my favorite tools that I use to write blog posts, create social posts, edit content, and organize information? Check out these and tell me what you think.


Tool one,

AnswerThePublic. It helps you discover what your audience is asking for with AnswerThePublic. With this tool, you can discover what your audience is asking for. Just go to answerthepublic.com, put in a keyword related to your industry, ideally a one-word phrase or two-word phrase, and you get instant raw search data directly from your customers so you can quickly see what they’re looking for. For example, if you’re in the digital marketing space like I am, and I have an ad agency called NP Digital, I may type in terms like digital marketing or ad agency, and it’ll tell me what people who are interested in ad agencies are thinking about, looking at, searching on Google, and that way, I can adjust my content to adapt to their needs, and it tells you, based on what people are looking for right now. It’s pulling that fresh data from Google based on trending data on what people are interested in today, not what they were interested in yesterday, or five weeks ago, or even a year ago, but instead today.


Tool two,

is Ubersuggest’s AI writer. Check out Ubersuggest’s AI writer tool to either write new content or optimize an existing page. Here’s the thing that most people don’t realize. Do you want to know why Wikipedia ranks so well? It’s because their content is continually fresh. Yes, they have a lot of pages, but more than anything else, they keep their pages fresh by continually having people update them and making them amazing. That’s how they rank better than the competition. Now, if you go out there and you keep your content fresh and updated, you’ll find that your rankings just go through the roof, and using Ubersuggest’s AI tool, you can put in any paragraphs or any keywords that you need fresh content about, and it can help you rewrite the content and make it better.

Tool three,

VistaCreate.Creating world-class social posts in minutes with tens and thousands of templates that you can use would make your life easier, right? That’s what VistaCreate can do for you. You should check it out. I’ve used it. It helps. My team uses it, and it saves me from hiring someone to help us design amazing social content. Instead, we just use a lot of the templates. It gets the same amount of likes and shares. We haven’t noticed any difference, but instead, we save on a headcount. That way, we don’t have to pay someone four or five $6,000 a month to do all this stuff manually. Now you’re probably thinking it’s a lot of money to spend on a person, but if you’re creating a lot of content, it can add up. But with VistaCreate, you can just do it really quick and save that money, because they have templates.


Tool four,

and this is one of my favorite tools of all. I don’t know how anyone can survive without it, or it could just be me because I have poor grammar. The tool is Grammarly. It allows you to edit your content and streamline it for clarity, so that way, you don’t have tons of errors. Now, I still have errors every once in a while because I don’t have the best grammar skills, but whether I’m writing an email or whether I’m sending out an email blastor whether I’m writing a blog post or a social post on LinkedIn, it’ll correct the spelling issues for me, and I love Grammarly for that, and it doesn’t even cost any money.


Tool five,

Lumen5 helps users create videos online in minutes with over 10 million videos created across just about every industry. You can create a talking head video and turn blog posts into videos easily. Remember YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, all these platforms want video, and you can do that with this tool. They don’t care for blog content as much.


Tool Six,

Portent’s Content Idea Generator. Awesome tool for creating blog post titles and topic generation, and it breaks down headlines into chunks so you can learn more about why certain words belong and others don’t. I love this tool. It’s great. I’ve been using it for probably over seven or eight years now and I continually use it. Still works well today.


Tool seven,

Hemingway App. Look, there are a lot of tools out there that can help you write. I love the Hemingway App because what this does, is it tells you your overall writing level, and you want to dumb it down to make sure that a kindergartner or a five-year-old can understand your content. A lot of people are like, “No, I want to be sophisticated, so those Ivy League or Harvard people can understand me.”Well, here’s the thing, most people didn’t go to Harvard, so don’t use crazy vocabulary that most people can’t understand, because then your content’s not going to get read, shared, or linked to. And that’s why I love the Hemingway App. It makes sure that your content is amazing, but dumbed down so that way anyone can understand it.

New York Construction Accident Lawyer


If you or a loved one has been injured by a construction accident lawyer in New York City, you may need the help of a construction accident lawyer. Construction accidents can be very serious and can result in long-term injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. A construction accident lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options and can represent you in negotiations with insurance companies or in court if necessary.

Why You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer:

Knowledge of the Law

Construction accident lawyers are knowledgeable about the law and have the experience to help you navigate the legal process. They can help you understand your rights and options and can make sure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Maximize Your Compensation

Construction accidents can result in significant medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Construction accident lawyers have the experience and expertise to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Investigate Your Case

Construction accidents can be very complex, and it can be difficult to determine who is responsible for your injuries. Construction accident lawyers have the resources and expertise to investigate your case and determine who may be liable for your injuries.

Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer in NYC:

Experience and Success Rate

When choosing a construction accident lawyer, it’s important to consider their experience and success rate. Look for a lawyer who has handled cases like yours in the past and who has a proven track record of success.


It’s also important to consider a construction accident lawyer’s reputation. Look for a lawyer who is well-respected in the legal community and who has a good reputation among their clients.


Finally, it’s important to choose a construction accident lawyer who you feel comfortable communicating with. Look for a lawyer who is responsive to your questions and concerns and who communicates clearly and effectively.


If you have been injured in a construction accident in New York City, it’s important to take the time to find the right construction accident lawyer for your needs. Construction accident lawyers can help you understand your legal rights, maximize your compensation, and investigate your case to determine who may be liable for your injuries. With the right construction accident lawyer on your side, you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other losses.

How to optimize TikTok for SEO

How to optimize TikTok for SEO

How to optimize TikTok for SEO. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does TikTok have to do with SEO? But if you’ve been paying attention to any social media platform over the last several years you know that they tie into SEO TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms out there and the app generated $4.6 billion in revenue in 2021. That’s a 142% increase year over year. This means that you absolutely can’t afford to overlook it as a part of your marketing strategy. And according to Google’s own internal data, nearly 40% of Gen Z users prefer to use TikTok and Instagram over Google to search. One of their SVPs at Google has even said, “the new internet users don’t have the expectations and the mindset that Google has become accustomed to.”So how can you make sure that your TikTok presence is fully optimized for SEO?

Well, Step 1:

Understand your audience and their search intent. Ask yourself who you’re trying to reach and what they’re looking for from your content. There are four types of intent: informational, preferential, transactional, and navigational. Just make sure you understand which one of those intents your ideal customer’s looking for so that way you can best create content for them. For example, if my audience is related to food and they’re just looking for informational content on how to create an omelet or a pancake, my content, my video on TikTok may be more informational, creating step-by-step instructions on how to create a pancake.

Step 2:

Select the right keywords for your video. You can use tools like Ubersuggest or AnswerThePublicto figure out what is trending right now in your space and what people are searching for. If you go to Ubersuggest, type in any keyword. It’ll show you literally a million plus variations of that keyword that people search for and the keyword based on how popular it is and what people are looking for. Keep in mind, even though it may be competitive on Googleit won’t be that competitive on TikTok when it comes to SEO. And if you use tools like AnswerThePublic, it tells you right now today what is trending and it pulls keywords based on what people are searching from, search engines like Google and shows you what’s popular that people want to hear about today that they will be searching for also on TikTok and create content around those subjects.

Step 3:

Define your hashtag strategy. Think of hashtags as keywords. Choose the main one as well as supplemental ones that are less competitive, that might be easier to rank for like long-tail keywords. And again, you can use tools like Ubersuggestand AnswerThePublic to give you these keywords.

Step 4:

Review your performance. Look at your analytics. All these tools provide analytics even if you’re trying to do marketing outside of just TikTok and look to see what’s done well and what hasn’t done well. Create more content and videos of the stuff that’s done well and less of the stuff that hasn’t been done well. If your account continues to get more views you’re more likely to rank higher so make sure you’re focusing on content that people actually want to listen to and watch.

That’ll help you perform better on TikTok as well, because if you keep creating content that people don’t want to watch, it tells our algorithm, “Hey, those videos are duds. So don’t rank the overall account well for almost anything.”That’s why you want to eliminate the duds and create more of the good stuff. That’ll help you rank higher on TikTok for all your videos when it comes to SEO. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. If you enjoy the article, like it, share it, and tell people about it, thank you very much.