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Google has introduced YouTube Playables

Google has introduced YouTube Playables

Google has introduced YouTube Playables. Google introduced Playables to change the YouTube experience. It’s an interesting feature that brings gaming directly to the video streaming platform, and it seems that Google is keen to attract a different set of gaming audiences to YouTube to make it a more successful product.

However, this offer is currently exclusive to YouTube Premium users.

What is YouTube Playables?

The new addition gives users instant access to various games without the need for additional installations or separate apps, potentially saving users from accidentally downloading unnecessary apps to their phones and keeping them connected to YouTube more than ever before. will

Playables will allow users to immerse themselves in different games directly on the YouTube website or mobile app, a feature currently undergoing testing and introducing games that can be easily shared on the platform.

One of the early games available to try out is the popular ‘Angry Birds: Showdown’ which brings interactive possibilities for users to playables on YouTube, such as Brainout and Daily Crossword, or action-packed adventures like Scooter Extreme and Cannonballs. There are 3D-like puzzles.

How to access YouTube Playables?

YouTube has already started offering this feature and many people have restarted it, India Today Tech also spotted it.

YouTube Playables can be easily accessed and the process is even easier for YouTube Premium users, the user just needs to go to the YouTube app and go to the profile section, where they will find the “Your Premium Benefits” section. Go ahead, just click on it.

Tap on “Try experimental new features” again and your login is complete.

You will see the new games section on YouTube, those who haven’t received it yet should wait a few more weeks for the update to reach itself, this is the mobile app on both Android and iOS operating systems. is accessible through

Playables will continue to be tested until March 28, although Google hasn’t set an exact launch date for the full rollout, but it’s highly likely that the stable version of Playables won’t be available until the first half of 2024.

Currently, the privilege to participate in the trial phase is granted exclusively to YouTube Premium subscribers.

Chat GPT can give better advice than humans research

Chat GPT can give better advice than humans research

Chat GPT can give better advice than human research. New York: The concept of artificial intelligence is not new but it has reached new heights of popularity after the launch of ChatGPT.

Recent research has found that ChatGPT may be better at giving personalized advice than most humans.

According to research published in Frontiers in Psychology, chat GPTs with their GPT-4 model have been shown to be better at giving personalized advice than humans, traditionally thought to be empathic for personalized advice. There is a need, but ChatGPT is challenging that idea.

According to the study, nearly three-quarters of participants found ChatGPT’s advice to be more balanced, thorough, empathetic, and helpful than that of humans, indicating a significant shift in AI’s ability to understand and deal with human emotions.

An earlier study reported that Chat GPT can understand human emotions.

The GPT-4 model is said to be improved in that, users can ask it for different answers and provide feedback, improving ChatGPT’s ability to provide empathic and socially appropriate advice.

While not recommending that human counseling be discontinued, the study points to the potential for chatbots such as ChatGPT to augment therapy sessions. I can learn from the development of artificial intelligence.

Chat GPT understands human emotions?

A team of researchers from Microsoft, William & Mary, and research centers across Asia conducted a study to see if LLMs (large language models) could understand human emotions. On which generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are based, can truly understand and respond to emotional cues.

The study also found that the quality of ChatGPT responses improved significantly when the prompt included an emotional cue such as ‘This is very important to me’ or ‘This plays an important role in my career.

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Google’s helpful content update

Google's helpful content update

Google’s a helpful content update. Have you noticed that when you search, some of the content that is ranked on Google is just obviously written for search engines? And when you read that content it provides little to no value. Some of those pieces of the content contain even tons of keywords that don’t really flow within the article.




Ubersuggest: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/



So why do people write this kind of content pieces? Well, it’s because they want more SEO traffic. But what’s the problem with that? It creates a terrible experience for users. So what did Google do? They released the helpful content update, in which their goal is to rank non-helpful content not as high. They want to rank the non-helpful content lower, and they want to rank the helpful content, which is great and amazing and is not created for search engines, higher.


Now, here’s what Google has told us about the update.


They first said,

Focus on writing content for people. and they give us feedback such as: “After reading your content, “will someone leave feeling like they’ve learned enough “about the topic to help them achieve their goals? “Will someone reading your content feel like “they have had a satisfying experience? “Does your content clearly demonstrate first-hand expertise “and depth of knowledge? “For example, expertise that comes from “having actually used “a proctoring service or visiting a place?”


they said, “Don’t focus on writing content for search engines.” And here’s what they mean by that: “Is the content primarily “to attract people from search engines “rather than made for humans? ” You produce lots of content on different topics “in hopes that some of it “might perform well in search results? “Are you mainly summarizing what others have to say “without adding much value? “Are you using extensive automation “to produce content on many topics? “So what does all this that Google has told you, “mean for you?


Well, number one:

Google wants you to focus your content on a specific industry or niche. As Google A Better Way to Advertise on YouTube stated, they prefer that you don’t create lots of content on different topics. They want you to focus. Be the expert. Know what you’re talking about. That way people get the most value.

Number two:

make sure your content is executable. If someone reads your content and they don’t have any specific takeaway, and they don’t know what to do next, your content is failing. What I like to do, and here’s a quick solution for this. Is, at the end of my articles, I summarize my learnings through a conclusion section and I label that section ‘Conclusion’ And I define my key takeaways. That way, in case someone just wants to skim, they can just get the main points from the conclusion.


Number three:

continually update your content. Things change over time. Don’t assume that if you write a piece of content it’ll keep getting traffic. As things get stale, your traffic will go down. It’s sad, but it’s reality. Keep your content up-to-date, fresh, and relevant, so it provides users with the most benefit. When updating your content, it’s not about how much you change, it’s more about what do you need to do to keep it amazing. And that could be very little or it could mean that you make a lot of changes.


Try to update your content at least once a year, and if you’re confused about how, how to make content more amazing, search for the main keywords that your article ranks for on Google, or you wish to rank for on Google, and look at all the people that are ranking that aren’t your website, and see what they’re doing that’s different than you are. That’ll give you ideas on how to make your content more amazing and ideally even better than theirs.


Number four:

adding your secret sauce. What do you know about the others who don’t? What have you experienced that others haven’t? By adding in your secret sauce and your personal experiences, you are more likely you get social shares backlinks and generate more traffic. If you’re just regurgitating what everyone else is already saying, then there’s nothing unique. So in every content piece, try to add your personal experiences. That’s how you beat the helpful content update. You just go above and beyond and delight users.

How to use the Copyright Match Tool

How to use the Copyright Match Tool

Hey creators, let’s talk about the Copyright Match Tool, a feature that helps you protect your original content and manage your copyright options. First, let’s walk through how the Copyright Match Tool works. The Copyright Match Tool helps protect your content by automatically finding videos that are the same or very similar to your own and giving you choices for what to do with them.

It uses the same matching technology as Content ID, but it’s easier to manage and requires fewer resources. There are 3 ways to gain access to the tool: first, if you’re in the YouTube Partner Program; second, if you’ve been granted access through the Copyright Management Tools application; and third, if you’ve removed a video through the Copyright takedown request form.

If you’re in the YouTube Partner Program or were granted access through the Copyright Management Tools application, the Copyright Match Tool will scan for full re-uploads of all your videos on other YouTube channels.

Generally, the tool uses the earliest upload date as a way to know which user to show matches to, so it’s important you’re the first one to upload the content to YouTube.Note that the tool will look for matches for all of your Public, Unlisted, and Private videos.

The Copyright Match Tool is also available to any creator who’s submitted a valid copyright takedown request through our web form. Once your removal request is approved, the Copyright Match Tool starts scanning youtube uploads for potential matches.

Note that in this case, the tool will specifically look only for matches of the video or videos that you submitted the takedown request. Now let’s walk through how you can review your matches and what actions you can take.

To see if you have any matches, go to YouTube Studio and then Copyright. If you do have matches, you’ll see them in the Matches tab. Note: If you don’t see this tab, it either means you aren’t eligible for the tool or that we haven’t detected any matches of your content.

If you do have matches to review, we’ll show you some information about the matches like the view count of the video, when it was uploaded, the subscriber count of the channel that uploaded the potential match, and the percentage that the upload matches your original video.

You can filter matches by total views, or by the number of subscribers the other uploader has. Note that the tool is meant to find full or nearly-full matches to your videos. So if someone used a short clip of your video, it may not be surfaced. Also, keep in mind that just because we’ve found a matching video doesn’t mean it’s infringing on your copyright.

It’s your responsibility to review each matching video to determine whether it’s valid and to consider if fair use, fair dealing, or other copyright exceptions apply before submitting a takedown request. If you do find a match and want to take action, you have three choices: Archive, Request Removal, or Contact Channel.

Archive removes the match from your Matches tab and moves them to the Archive tab. The matching video itself isn’t deleted or affected. Request Removal opens our takedown web form so you can submit a takedown request for the matching video. There are two takedown options: Scheduled, which sends the uploader a seven-day notice Standard, which requests immediate removal once the takedown is validated.

Note that when you fill out the takedown form, you’ll also have the option to automatically prevent copies of your video from being uploaded to YouTube, which means they won’t show in the Copyright Match Tool as matches, but rather will be automatically prevented from being uploaded in the first place.

After submitting your takedown request, you can track it in your Removal Requests tab. Once the request status shows as Resolved, you can check if there were any matches by clicking into the expanded view of the original removal request, and then View Matches to see a filtered view of potential matches for that particular piece of content.

And finally, Contact Channel lets you send an email notification to the uploader of the matching video. The email is pre-written for you and lets the uploader know that you’ve noticed your content in their video. It also gives them your email address in case they want to continue the conversation with you.

You can find past emails you’ve sent in your messages tab. Note that if you want to Archive or Request Removal in bulk, you can do so by checking the box next to multiple videos. To help you stay updated when new matches are found, we’ll send you bell notifications on your channel page to alert you. Note that misuse of the Copyright Match Tool may result in loss of feature access or termination of your YouTube account or partnership.

Misuse includes intentional or repeated abuse of the copyright takedown process. For more information on the Copyright Match Tool, check out the Help Center article linked in the description. Thanks for watching!

WhatsApp great feature for voice notes

WhatsApp's great feature for voice notes

Lahore: (Web Desk) The world’s largest messaging application Watts is constantly changing features and innovations for the convenience of its users. Moving towards

According to a report by WA Beta Info, WhatsApp, a proprietary application of Meta, is innovating the voice note feature and after this feature, the updated feature will only work on voice notes when they are forwarded. ۔

The voice note icon is usually yellow, now it will be orange whenever users forward a note or sound clip.
WhatsApp will now use different icons to differentiate between forwarded voice notes and audio files.

Forwarded voice notes will now include voice view forms but only if recorded using this version of WhatsApp where this feature is enabled.

As we know, WhatsApp has recently introduced more options for the speed of voice note playback. Forwarded voice notes will also have this feature, but it will not be available for audio files.

Videos will no longer be shared on Instagram

Videos will no longer be shared on Instagram

Lahore: (Web Desk) Video and photo-sharing application Instagram has announced the closure of the IGTV app.

The social networking site Instagram announced the changes, saying it was no longer supporting the IGTV app, which was running separately on its platform, and was investing in advancing its alternative feature ‘Rails’. Intend to

The company added that it is taking steps to make the video simpler and easier to post and relay different types of videos, as well as testing a feature that allows video-makers to Advertising support between content can generate revenue.

IGTV videos and other video content will be available on Instagram’s main app. IGTV videos were introduced in 2018, but last year IGTV videos were converted to Instagram videos.

Successful experiment of SixG technology China

Successful experiment of SixG technology, China revolutionized

FiveG internet service has not yet been launched in most countries of the world and China successfully tested 6G technology during the Winter Olympics.

Successful experiment of SixG technology, China revolutionized

According to foreign media, during the Winter Olympics, experts from China’s Tsinghua University laid an experimental wireless communication line in the Olympic compound in January 2022, which can feed more than 10,000 videos simultaneously.

With the help of this experiment, they were able to transmit one TB of data over an area of ​​one kilometer per second, which would then help China to lead the global 6G race.

According to the report, mobile devices still use electromagnetic waves, which from a mathematical point of view are only 2D, while cortex electromagnetic waves are 3D, resulting in a huge increase in communication bandwidth.

According to foreign media, the biggest challenge for experts is to increase the distance of the revolving waves, and in doing so weak signals make high-speed data transmission difficult.

Keeping this obstacle in mind, Chinese scientists have developed a unique transmitter that produces a high-focus vortex beam and divides the rotation of waves into three different modes, after which the receiving device splits the data in a large case. I can pick and decode.

Chinese experts say the introduction of 6G technology on a commercial basis is expected to begin in 2030.

Misleading videos are no longer available on YouTube

Misleading videos will no longer be seen on YouTube

YouTube, a free video-sharing service on the Internet, has decided to take important steps to prevent the promotion of misleading and harmful videos.

One of the changes and updates that the company is considering is a “break” sharing feature, a feature for videos that will have content that is uncertain if implemented. This would be a huge change in the platform.

Neil Mohan, YouTube‘s chief product officer, said the company would do everything possible to prevent misleading content from going viral.

“Videos with uncertain content cannot be deleted under our policies, but we do not necessarily recommend such videos to the public, but this is no less of a challenge,” he said.

This is because even if YouTube does not recommend such videos, they can go viral on other platforms.

With that in mind, the company is considering disabling the share button of such videos or breaking the link to the video, in order to ensure that users do not embed or link these videos to any other site. Will be able to

If YouTube were to stop sharing some videos, it would be a dramatic step for the platform, which claims less than one percent of such content is recommended.

The company also said it was considering additional types of labels in search results, among other changes.

Factory contamination affects production of memory chips

Factory contamination affects production of memory chips

TOKYO (Reuters) – Two Japanese manufacturers of Western Digital company’s Fells memory have admitted that some contaminants at a highly sensitive plant have affected memory production and damaged some memory chips.

According to international media reports, Western Union said in a statement that two of its production units in Japan have been affected by some form of pollution which has halted production.

The private company is called Kyoxia Holdings, which manufactures solid-state flash memory, or USB memory, for Western Union, the world’s largest maker of flash memory.

According to the Japanese company, the production of at least 6.5 exabytes of flash storage has changed and many flash memories have deteriorated. Note that one exabyte is equivalent to one billion gigabytes of storage or memory.

This has led to a total loss of 7 billion gigabytes of memory.

Top Western Union officials have since contacted Japanese companies on an emergency basis and are working hard to resolve the issue.

It should be noted that in electronics, microchips, processors, and memory sticks are manufactured in a very clean environment. Their indoor factory is said to be 10 times cleaner and dust-free than the operating theater of a modern hospital.

That is why even a small particle of sand in their preparation can destroy the processor and memory.