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customer service tip will change your marketing

This one customer service tip will change your marketing. When your customers see your brand, do you know how they view you? Are you just some faceless entity? Or do they feel like they actually know you, your team, and how you can help them ASAP? According to HubSpot, 68% of customers say they’re willing to pay more for products and services from a brand that offers quality customer service experiences. So, not only are they happier with your business, but they’re also spending way more money with you.


If you offer them something of value and treat them with respect, you will explode in a good way, especially with your marketing, and my favorite customer service tip that really helps with marketing, it’s actually pretty straightforward and it’s something that I think most successful business owners and marketers should practice every single day. Speak as your customers do. So, what does this look like in practice, especially as a marketer?


Number one,

use casual subject lines. A study from Barilliance shows that 64% of customers make a decision to open emails based on subject lines. Casual ones, ones that like, your friend would send to you, are much more likely to be opened than ones that are just super professional. When a buddy sends me emails like, “Hey, you got to check this out.”I open it. When I see an email subject line, in all caps and is professionalized, or the first letters of each word are capitalized, I’m less likely to open it.


adopt a conversational tone in your content. Look, you should still present yourself as an industry expert, but a true thought leader doesn’t talk down to their audience. You should talk to them as if you’re talking to one of your friends. Build that rapport, build that emotional connection. That’s how you build up that community that’s more likely to evangelize you and promote your products or services in the future. That’s what’s going to create a ton of good word-of-mouth marketing.


improve your support chat.52% of consumers are more likely to make a repeat purchase if the company offers support via a live chat. My buddy Yaniv is the co-founder of a company called Nextiva. Nextiva is a phone service company and they provide phone service to people all over the world. Now, they ended up raising money from Goldman Sachs at over a 2 billion dollar valuation.

They bootstrapped the company and then raised money at over a 2 billion dollar valuation. That’s massive. Do you want to know one of the secrets that helped them grow to be such a big company? Yaniv told me firsthand. Chat is responsible for roughly 33% of their sales. This is chat on a website, massive. He makes sure there are people there to help people out and really take care of them because they want people to be delighted even if they don’t buy from them.


make sure your website is easy to navigate.56% of customers expect to find what they’re looking for from a company in three clicks or less. So, make sure the language on your website is super clear and if they’re on a mobile device, they want it ideally in less than three clicks. So, just think about your navigation, and look to see how you can improve it. You can use tools like CrazyEgg to see how people engage with your website, where they get stuck, and they do user recordings, so that way you can use that data to improve their overall experience.


create how-to tutorial videos. Users are three times more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial to reading a product’s instructions. So, people want to see how-to tutorials. You can do it in gifs or videos. Think about this. Would you ever want to read an article on how to tie a tie? Of course not. You want to see some animated gifs a YouTube tutorial that just quickly shows you how to do it in 30 seconds. That creates a better experience, relating to your customers, talking to them as if they’re talking to another friend, or talking to each other will help your marketing explode.

Trust me, you don’t want to talk to them as if you’re some expert in looking down upon them. That’s just not nice. You don’t want to talk to them as if you’re some Ivy League Harvard grad person using all this fancy vocabulary that they don’t understand. You’re not going to get the open rates, or conversions if you do that either. Talk to them as if you’re one of them and be one of them so you can truly understand how to make their experience better.

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