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Five marketing predictions for 2023

Five marketing predictions for 2023. One, optimize your marketing strategy for 2023. You have to be prepared. You are having a set plan with a budget and tangible goals is absolutely essential. But the rub, you have to also be able to pivot. Things can change in marketing at the drop of a dime. You see and read about all these algorithm updates. That means if you don’t adapt to them, you won’t do well in the future. Whatever your approach may be, you have to have it solidified, otherwise you’re just playing catch up. Now, I have some predictions for 2023, so take note and let’s see how things shake out.

Prediction one

More and more brands will move away from third-party cookie data. Did you know that the end of third-party cookies on Chrome starts in 2024? Now that’s a whole extra year. Now they may delay a little bit but chances are it will happen in 2024. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a leg up on things right now. You don’t have to wait for 2024.

Prediction two

Voice search will continue to be a major factor. Sales from voice search were roughly 40 billion last year and they expect to grow even more this year above 50 plus billion. Now, some tips if you want more voice search optimized for mobile. In other words, make sure your site loads fast. Make sure your content is concise, and you’re answering questions really short and to the point. Look at long-tail keywords and make sure you blend them within your content. Also, optimize for conversational question-based keywords. You can use tools like AnswerThePublicto find out these keywords. And again, make sure that your answers are to the point of these questions. In other words, if you can answer them in one sentence instead of two even better. Don’t take five, or six sentences to answer a question when it could be done in one sentence that’s short and to the point.

Prediction three

Live shopping will take off. Live commerce will generate a predicted $387 billion in China alone. It hasn’t taken off as much in the United States, but it is catching fire and we’re seeing when influencers are part of the live selling, it does exceptionally well.

Prediction four

Social commerce will drive the conversation. 54% of users leverage social media to research products, so are using social media to showcase your products? From unboxing videos, heck to even people leaving reviews and talking about how they use your product. Even if you have a service, you can still use social media to get people to break down how they’re using your service and the results.

Prediction five

Podcast advertising will explode. In Britain alone, audiences consumed almost 60 million hours of podcasts a week. 75% of mobile gamers prefer audio ads over video ads. And we see podcast advertising booming because the amount of podcasts out there is really tiny. There are over a billion blogs, but from the last step that we saw when it comes to podcasts, there are less than 10 million podcasts. So, there’s just not that much competition, and a lot of the advertising that’s happening on podcasts right now is to promote other people’s podcasts.

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