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Google Chrome solves a big problem with this new feature

This new feature in Chrome, the browser of the Google search engine used for searching around the world, solved a big problem.

Google Chrome, used for browsing around the world, has introduced a feature called Journeys. This feature has been introduced in all desktop versions.

A feature called Journeys will help resume incomplete or missing searches on the web. Type the relevant word or visit the Google Chrome History Journeys page where you will see the option to resume Surge. ۔

Google Chrome solves a big problem with this new feature


Initially, this feature will be limited to searches in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish, but will be further improved later.

Google Chrome is introducing new features for users. Google Chrome has previously added, “Send links”, “Tab Search” and “New Background and Color” options to the browser.

Send links:

As the name suggests, this feature allows users to send a link directly from Chrome to someone else. However, with this feature, the sender will also be able to highlight specific content in the link. When the link recipient clicks, the link’s highlighted content will be reached.


Google Chrome solves a big problem with this new feature




Tab Search:

Sometimes there are dozens of tabs open on a user’s Chrome browser and they have difficulty finding the desired tab immediately.

To alleviate this problem, Google has introduced the “Tab Search” feature, which allows users to search for a tab and access it easily.





New Background and Color:

Google has introduced a color and background feature to make the Chrome browser more interesting in which users will not only be able to change the color of their browser but also adjust the background to their liking.

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