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How to Get Followers a Week on Instagram Organically

How do get 1,000 followers a week on Instagram, organically? Whether you love Meta as a company or hate them, you can deny Instagram’s popularity. According to Statista, there are over 1 billion Instagram users. This means, as a marketer, it’s a great place to get in touch with your ideal customers. But here’s the thing. If no one follows you, it’ll be tough to get engagement, or even reach your ideal customer. This means, you would just be posting content, and little to no one would be seeing it. So let’s solve that today. I’m going to break down how to get 1,000 new Instagram followers each week. And best of all, it’ll be organically, which means you won’t be spending money to get those followers.

First off, I want you to post at least once a day. If you don’t post often enough, you won’t have the opportunity to gain new followers. Now, each post shouldn’t be the same. You can try images, videos, quotes, memes, reels, even carousels, or even try stories.

The reason you want to try different types of content is that it’ll give you an idea of the type of content that people within your space like and what they don’t really like. Over time, you want to do more of what people like and do less of what they don’t like. And don’t create content purely for followers. Even though that’s a goal, not just for this video, but also for you, you have to keep in mind another goal. Which are you need to create content that would ideally appeal to new people, but also provides a ton of value that creates the right type of followers? So that way, you can end up generating sales. Remember followers that don’t end up converting don’t really matter. You want followers to help you build a brand that converts people into customers.

Second, I want you to do live sessions at least once a week with other Instagram users. Don’t go live by yourself.DM other Instagram users and ask them to be on an interview with you. By doing live, both on your profile and on their profile, you’ll gain more followers. Start off small by going after accounts with less than 10,000 followers and work your way up as you get more followers.

Third, post carousels. You know what they look like. Those posts that have multiple slides and they provide amazing education, like this one. Do that at least once a week. And you won’t necessarily get the most likes. But what I found is when I look at the analytics, those types of posts provide amazing engagement from people looking from slide one, slide two, slide three, leaving comments, and also following you. This is great because that’s what you want, you want to engage the audience.

Fourth, you need to engage with your audience. When someone DMS you, respond, when someone leaves a comment, respond. By engaging, you will get more followers.

Last but not least, leave comments on other people’s profiles. By engaging with other social profiles in your space on Instagram, you’ll get more followers. But make sure your comments are thoughtful and helpful. For example, if someone asks a question that you know the answer to, answer it. That’s how you get over 1,000 new organic followers on Instagram each week. It requires effort on your part, but it works. It’s not a lot of steps, but it works. And you will end up spending roughly six hours a week on Instagram to get these followers.

Now over time, you’ll be able to fine-tune things and make things more efficient and you should be able to get the results in roughly three to four hours. And if you’re still struggling to get a lot of that content created, use tools like Canva, which provides a lot of templates, and can help you out.

Tell people about it. Thank you for reading.

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