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It’s the top of the Note as we all know it

It’s the top of the Note as we all know it

Samsung’s initial 2022 Galaxy Unpacked event hasn’t started nevertheless, however we’ve already got a robust notion that the event spells the top of the Note series. we all know this as a result of Samsung has done everything except shout from the rooftops that succeeding S-series extremist can absorb the Note and its intrinsical stylus. you’ll even move and preorder it if you would like as a result of, truly, what’s a phone launch these days? In any case, Samsung is creating the proper incorporate its business and its whole, though it stings a touch for the Note trustworthy.

The future of the Note looked dubious last year once rumors of its dying circulated, and Samsung aforesaid that the S21 series would provide S pen support. Early in 2021, a Samsung EXEC expressed doubts regarding shipping a replacement Note model, and indeed, the year came and went while not a correct new Note. Then, early in 2022, leaks and hints from Samsung virtually confirmed that the Note’s future lay among the S-series.

This makes many sense from a business point of view. Samsung struggled to ship S-series phones last year amidst the continued offer chain and chip shortage fiascos. In turn, S21 sales were lackluster. Consolidating the Note and S-series, instead of attempting to take care of them severally, definitely helps once you’re within the middle of a element shortage. That’s fewer devices to arrange robot OS updates and security patches for, too, that matters after you support phones for as long as Samsung will.


It’s the top of the Note as we all know it


It is smart from associate degree identity point of view, too. Samsung’s “a phone at each worth point” strategy works for the A-series, however too several flagships risks diluting their premium standing. The high finish of Samsung’s mass-market lineup is obtaining huddled so, with the Z Flip three commerce for $999. The company’s foldables arn’t simply obtaining cheaper — they’ve conjointly seen some major refinements that are poised to maneuver the devices into the thought. There’s solely such a lot area in Samsung’s galaxy for high-end devices, and it’s going to be time for the Note to bow out and create space for Samsung’s latest innovations.

So this is often doubtless the top of the Note as we all know it, however it’s not sayonara. Samsung has created it clear that Note options like S pen support are projected around, and leaks indicate that the S22 extremist can look extraordinarily Note-like, complete with associate degree S pen silo. looking on however you read it, the Note is obtaining a promotion to the highest spot within the S series or being relegated to “feature” standing to appease fans.

It’s the top of the Note as we all know it

Either way, it’s clear that Samsung isn’t afraid to supply one thing a touch bit completely different lately. this is often the corporate that cursed with foldables, iterating till it place out one thing that regular folks would wish to shop for. Now, it’s to be conveyance the stylus front and center to its thought, top-of-the-line flagship. That’s not one thing you’ll notice in another flagship lineup, robot or otherwise.

Maybe 2022 is that the year that Samsung decides once and for all to lean into the items that set it except the competition, instead of specializing in going toe-to-toe with Apple’s each product and repair. Dieter puzzled regarding this before last year’s S21 Unpacked, and my optimistic read is that Samsung is so clutch its own identity a touch additional. perhaps Samsung is evolving the S-series into one thing that includes additional of its distinctive innovations instead of spinning them into different models. associate degree innovative Samsung may be a fun Samsung, and we’re here for that.


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