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Social Media Strategy Doesn’t Get Any Engagement

Why Your Social Media Strategy Doesn’t Get Any Engagement. One of the most common issues is that businesses are using social media without a real plan. Social media is a game of strategy that needs to be planned and mindful. During this video, I dive into seven reasons why your social media presence isn’t driving any engagement.

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Why your social media strategy doesn’t get any engagement. There are 4.59 billion users on social media according to Statista. So, why isn’t your strategy getting any engagement? Every brand, organization, and person out there has a profile. But even though just about everyone and their mother is familiar with social media, they don’t usually have the right mindset when it comes to driving growth.

One of the most common issues that I see all the time is that businesses using social media, are using it without a real plan. Social media isn’t a roulette table. It’s a game of strategy, planned mindfully. So let’s dive into seven reasons why your social media presence isn’t driving any engagement.

Reason number one, your content isn’t optimized. Not every strategy works on every platform. What might work on Twitter, might not work on Facebook. For example, on LinkedIn, we find that we get the most amount of followers and engagement when we create content that’s on LinkedIn, without a link going back to our website. You got to see what works for each and every single platform. Adapt your strategy, and then, post content for each of those platforms.

Reason number two, your content calendar needs an update. According to Sprout Social Index, 74% of consumers think just one to two posts a day is ideal for brands. At a minimum, you need to be posting daily on every single platform that you’re on. Because of the way these algorithms work, no matter how often you post, all your followers are never going to see your content. But if you post at least once or twice, there’s a good chance that a large chunk of your followers will at least see your content. And a good content calendar will help you with this.

Reason number three, you’re not using a cross-channel approach. The average social user is active on six different platforms a day, and spends 2.5 hours a day, engaging on social media. So the more they’re online, the more they should see your brand.
Reason four, you’re not adding a call to action. The average click-through rate on social ads is only 1.3%. Why? Because most brands don’t prioritize having a sensational call to action in their posts. Something that actually drives users to complete that next step. So not only do you need to have a call to action, but it needs to be related to that video, post, or image.

Reason five, your posts are all text. Do you know what people love to look at? Pictures. In fact, 68% of social media users prefer images to text-based posts. And it’s not just images. Why not use videos? You know, they say a picture says 1,000 words. I say a video says 10,000 words. A video not only can really nail down the point that you’re trying to describe.

Reason six, you’re posting at the wrong time. According to a Hootsuite analysis of over 30,000 social posts, the most effective time to post is at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Reason seven, your customer service approach is lacking. Poor customer service is the primary reason consumers unfollow brands on social media. And it’s not just about saying, “Hey, I want to help you because “I want you to buy my product or service.” You want to help people because you care. You want to genuinely help them get the results. And the only way you really end up doing that is by taking the extra step, and just really helping people out, whether they can afford your service or product, or not. You do this because you care.

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