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Successful experiment of SixG technology China

FiveG internet service has not yet been launched in most countries of the world and China successfully tested 6G technology during the Winter Olympics.

Successful experiment of SixG technology, China revolutionized

According to foreign media, during the Winter Olympics, experts from China’s Tsinghua University laid an experimental wireless communication line in the Olympic compound in January 2022, which can feed more than 10,000 videos simultaneously.

With the help of this experiment, they were able to transmit one TB of data over an area of ​​one kilometer per second, which would then help China to lead the global 6G race.

According to the report, mobile devices still use electromagnetic waves, which from a mathematical point of view are only 2D, while cortex electromagnetic waves are 3D, resulting in a huge increase in communication bandwidth.

According to foreign media, the biggest challenge for experts is to increase the distance of the revolving waves, and in doing so weak signals make high-speed data transmission difficult.

Keeping this obstacle in mind, Chinese scientists have developed a unique transmitter that produces a high-focus vortex beam and divides the rotation of waves into three different modes, after which the receiving device splits the data in a large case. I can pick and decode.

Chinese experts say the introduction of 6G technology on a commercial basis is expected to begin in 2030.

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