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7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement

7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement

7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement, Do you want to know why it takes so long for people to see results from their SEO? Well, there are two main reasons. The first is, that it just takes time for things to kick in and algorithms to adjust. You can’t really control that, that’s just Google, right? You can’t really speed that up, time is time, they’re going to do their thing when they do their thing.

But as long as you do your thing, it’ll help you get results when you should be getting results. But there’s another reason why it takes people a long time to get results, and this one is more in your control. It’s that it takes time to implement those SEO changes. And most companies move really slow to make changes on their site and the longer it takes you to implement the changes, the longer it’ll take for you to see results. So today I want to break down seven tips that are easy to implement.

Tip number one,

everyone has SEO errors. It’s natural because as you adjust your existing pages, or even add new ones, it can always create more errors. So I want you to head to neilpatel.com/ubersuggest.Type in your URL. In the left-hand navigation, click on “dashboard” and then click on “add your first project.”Follow the steps, step-by-step. What you’ll find is that Ubersuggest will monitor your site, look at the keywords you want to rank for, and look at all the SEO errors you have on your website, but here’s the thing Ubersuggest does that I love. What it does is, breaks the errors down from top to bottom, what will have the biggest impact and what’s the easiest to implement?

So you want to fix the easy ones first because they’re at the top and they’ll also have a more significant impact on your rankings. And that way you’ll get better results in a shorter period of time.

Tip number two,

speaking of Ubersuggest, it’s also a tool that I added to my own website,neilpatel.com, and I want you to do something similar. It’s so popular that’s generated over 24,000 backlinks. That’s a lot! That’s a lot of extra links that I’m adding to neilpatel.com and it was so effective, I also bought AnswerThePublicand I’m going to integrate that into our portfolio over the up and coming months. Links are popular currency. The more people that link to you, the higher you will rank. So how do you get tons of links when you don’t have time and effort to create a custom tool like Ubersuggest?

Because when you give away tools for free, people love them so much, especially when they’re used to paying for them, that they just link to you. Well, here’s a little secret. You don’t have to create a tool like that. You can actually just go to a site, say CodeCanyon, and for $20 you can buy a tool and put it on your website and white label it as your own. In essence, you’re adding a tool to your site, without literally any coding and it builds links naturally, as long as you pick a good tool. Now, it may not be as good as Ubersuggest, but it’ll still work well.

Tip number three,

use Google Search Console. It’s a free tool from Google.Log into it and adds your website if you already haven’t done so. In Search Console, I want you to look at your traffic. Now, within Search Console, under the performance report, I want you to click on “date range,” then click on “compare tap,” then click on “compare last 28 days year over year.”This will show you what pages on your site are getting more traffic and which ones are getting less. For the pages that are getting less, modify them. Look at what terms have dropped in rankings. and search for them on Google. Look at what the competition is doing differently than you. What are they doing that’s better than you? Adjust your page to make it better than theirs and that’ll help your rankings and your traffic go back up.

Tip number four,

delete irrelevant pages that no one cares for anymore. See, over time, some of the content on your site will just get old and irrelevant. I’m not talking about outdated. I just mean straight-up irrelevant. For example, I used to have content on my site around MySpace.These days, no one cares about MySpace.It’s a dead social network. Heck, most people have forgotten about it. The easiest solution, delete those pages and 301 Redirect them to the most relevant pages that are on your website. This will help you keep your site clean and strong from an SEO standpoint. Now, keep in mind if there are any other existing pages on your site that were linking to those old pages that you deleted that were irrelevant, make sure you delete those links or change them up.

Tip number five,

write on exploding topics. One of the best ways to get traffic is to write on topics that are just about to get super popular but aren’t that competitive yet. There’s a tool called exploding topics. It shows you what you should consider going after. And I want you to start writing content on that. You can get value from that tool for free. And if you pay, you get access to more up-and-coming topics that you can write content around. Now, keep in mind that content shouldn’t just be around whatever’s popular, It should be around what’s popular that’s related to your industry and what’s related to your website.

Tip number six,

now, this is an easy one, but it costs money. Have you noticed there are a lot of blogs out there? There are pretty much blogs on everything. Well, a simple strategy that will get you immediate results, is to look for a blog in your space. This shouldn’t be hard as there are over a million blogs. Look for one that’s ranking great in your space and has traffic. And you can put their URLs into Ubersuggestto see what their traffic is and what you’ll want to do for that blog. that ranks well and has tons of amazing content, and ideally, you want to find one that doesn’t monetize through ads or any form, but just has more great content. If you want to take that blog, hit up the site owner, you can usually find their email on the contact page through tools like hunter.io, and ask them if they want to sell it. Most people will ignore you, some will say yes. If you find some at reasonable prices, buy them, merge them into your website, including their content, and make sure you do the 301 Redirect to the appropriate URL, and once you do that, it’s simple. You’ll start generating more traffic.

Tip number seven,

merge the content on similar pages. I learned this strategy the hard way. When your site gets old, a lot of times you have pages on the same topic. For example, I may have two blog posts on the topic of SEO for beginners. Now, this confuses search engines, as they don’t know which one to rank. So what do you do? You merge the pages together. You take the one that gets less traffic, based on Google Analytics data, and then you take the content from the less popular one and combine it with the more popular one. Then you take the URL with less traffic and forward it using a 301 Redirect to the more popular page. This helps solves confusion for the search engines. And in the end, you’ll get more search traffic over time.