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top demanding skills in 2023

top demanding skills

1. Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process of using data to make decisions about what’s going on in the world around us. In the cannabis industry, data analysis is used to determine how much product should be produced, where it should be grown, and how to best market it.

2. Marketing

Marketing is the act of communicating information about products and services to consumers. In the cannabis industry marketing is used to educate people about the many different types of cannabis products available and how they work.

3. Sales Management

Sales management is the process of managing salespeople and their performance. In the cannabis industry sales managers are responsible for hiring and training employees, setting goals, and evaluating their success.

4. Business Law

Business law is the study of laws related to business transactions and contracts. In the cannabis industry business law is used to protect growers and sellers from each other.

5. Finance

Finance is the practice of managing money. In the cannabis, industry finance is used to manage the finances of companies and individuals involved in the industry.

6. Human Resources

Human resources are the practice of managing human beings. In the cannabis industry, HR professionals are responsible for recruiting and hiring employees, developing employee policies, and helping them find jobs.

7. Accounting

Accounting is the practice of recording financial transactions accurately. In the cannabis industry accounting is used to track the income and expenses of businesses and individuals involved in the cannabis industry.