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Misleading videos are no longer available on YouTube

Misleading videos will no longer be seen on YouTube

YouTube, a free video-sharing service on the Internet, has decided to take important steps to prevent the promotion of misleading and harmful videos.

One of the changes and updates that the company is considering is a “break” sharing feature, a feature for videos that will have content that is uncertain if implemented. This would be a huge change in the platform.

Neil Mohan, YouTube‘s chief product officer, said the company would do everything possible to prevent misleading content from going viral.

“Videos with uncertain content cannot be deleted under our policies, but we do not necessarily recommend such videos to the public, but this is no less of a challenge,” he said.

This is because even if YouTube does not recommend such videos, they can go viral on other platforms.

With that in mind, the company is considering disabling the share button of such videos or breaking the link to the video, in order to ensure that users do not embed or link these videos to any other site. Will be able to

If YouTube were to stop sharing some videos, it would be a dramatic step for the platform, which claims less than one percent of such content is recommended.

The company also said it was considering additional types of labels in search results, among other changes.