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Is your Wi-Fi connection slowing down?

Is your Wi-Fi connection slowing down

Wi-Fi users sometimes complain that their connection is slow, if you also have this problem then keep in mind the following important things.

If your Wi-Fi connection at home is slowing down or data is running out fast, it is possible that some unknown people are using your Wi-Fi.

It’s not like stealing!

You have a fast connection to your home, you are paying for more data, and yet Wi-Fi is slowing down, in fact, many times it happens that the Wi-Fi connection installed in your home is so strong Even the people living in the houses around you start using your own Wi-Fi.

Find out!

To find out who is stealing your Wi-Fi, go to the router’s settings. Each device connected to Wi-Fi comes with a different IP and MAC address, which may have been given a different name by the owner.

If you see some names in the settings that you are not familiar with, you will know who is using your Wi-Fi.

what to do now?

Now you have to keep Wi-Fi private and secure. First of all, protect your home Wi-Fi with a strong password. This password should be something that you can remember and at the same time, it can be difficult.

Change the router’s login ID and password, common words like ‘root’ and ‘admin’ are fed by Wi-Fi router builders, but they are simple and common, so keep changing them from time to time.

Hide the router’s SSID and use Internet monitoring software.