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Stop Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Stop Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Everyone’s on the social web. But why is it that no one follows your account, or you can’t get any traffic on your social profiles? Well, you know what? It’s about to change. Hey everyone. I’m Pak Blogger, and today, I’m gonna share with you the biggest social media mistakes that you’re making, that are causing you to not do well. Everyone believes that, Hey, you wanna do well on Facebook? Post 10 times a day. The more you post, the more people will see you. That may work for Twitter, but for most social sites, if you post too much, you’re not gonna do well. You only have a certain amount of people following you. If you keep posting too much information, you’re going to wear them out, and they’re gonna start ignoring your content. Try to post no more than once a day. I’m not talking about live video, stories, or anything like that. I’m talking about posting an image, a video, or a status update. Try not to post more than once a day.

The second mistake that you need to avoid is posting mediocre content. Now that you know you only wanna post once a day when you do post once a day, that content has to be amazing. If people don’t like it, they’re not going to engage or comment. You know what? If you posted content that’s mediocre, or you think is great, and you got no comments, engagements, or likes, leave a comment below with the word yes. That way I know you’re struggling with creating amazing content. And think of it this way, if that content isn’t something that you would tell your friends about, or you would share, or you don’t think has a slight possibility of going viral, then, it’s not gonna do that well. If you’re not sure what great content is, go to Buzzsumo.Put in keywords within your space. It’ll show you what’s popular on the social web already. You wanna use tools like Buzzsumo and Social Blade to come up with better content. That way, whenever you do post, it’s amazing content.

The third mistake that most people are making is they’re not leveraging videos. Videos are the future.Facebook.Youtube.LinkedIn.All of these players wanna get your attention, more so than even a live TV. I’m talking about, you know, that big LCD. Technically, you don’t have a big TV anymore, they’re all thin and go on your wall. But you get the point, in which, these social sites are craving your attention. They want you to be on Facebook, instead of watching HBO, NBC, or Sky Sports. So, that’s why they want you to upload video content. If you upload video content, you’ll get 2-3 times more engagement and views, than if you just upload a photo or a text update.

The fourth mistake that many people make is they’re not engaging in the first hour. The way most social algorithms work is whatever does extremely well in the first hour continually goes viral. It’s the opposite of SEO. With SEO, it’s a long-term game. You release content, you never do well in the first hour. You’re lucky if that content ranks really well after 30 days, or six months. In many cases, it’ll take over a year.

With the social web, it’s all about the first hour. So if you have an email list, promote your email list. Or technically, promote that video or status update you did to that email list, that way, you can drive more engagement. If you have a push notification subscriber list, from tools like subscribers. com, send them to your social profile when you have a status update. That way it gets more views and engagement. And that way, over the next 30 days, 60 days, it’ll rank higher on YouTube.Or over the next 24 hours, it’ll get way more views and shares on Facebook. You wanna push things hard in the first hour it goes live. And the last mistake that I want you to avoid is not engaging. Social’s all about being a two-way street.

If you ask me a question and I didn’t answer, that’d be rude of me. That’s how social media works. You need to engage with other people. So when they leave a comment, make sure you respond. Even if their comment is as simple as like, hey thanks, Pak blogger.Thanks for leaving this, or creating this video. And if you feel like this video is good, leave a comment below telling me thanks. I really do appreciate it. And you know what?

You’ll start seeing me respond to you, even if you just say thanks, or hi. Why? Because social media is a two-way street. It’s important for me to communicate with you, just like it is for you to communicate with me. And if you communicate more, and you have those responses to every single comment, you’ll find, that over time, you’re gonna get much more shares, views, likes, than if you didn’t engage with your audience. So that’s it. If you stop making those mistakes, you’re gonna get way more traction on the social web. Doesn’t matter if you’re using LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, these tactics will help you out. Thanks for reading. I hope to see you next time and give you more marketing advice.

Big defeat for Google at the hands of Tik Tok

Big defeat for Google at the hands of Tik Tok

BEIJING: Short video sharing platform Tik Tok has beaten Google to become the most visited website in the world.

According to the details, a recent post on ‘Cloud Flair Blog’ has revealed that the Tik Tok app is now the most popular in the world, which has surpassed Google as the most visited website.

According to the Post, Tic Tac Toe ranked seventh among the most visited websites in 2020, but its popularity has grown so fast in the current year that it became the world’s most visited website by the end of November 2021. Site created.

It should be noted that Tik Tok is a Chinese social media platform on which users create all kinds of content in the form of short videos and present it to the world, and the ‘Tik Tok app’ This is the first time in the history of the Internet that a Chinese website has been declared the most visited in the world.

By September 2021, the Chinese social media platform has become the fastest growing social media app in the United States, with people of all ages using it.

You may be surprised to learn that apart from individual users, large and international organizations such as the World Health Organization have set up tick-tock accounts.

Do you know the rules of using social media

Do you know the rules of using social mediaDo you know the rules of using social media

Social media has taken an important place in our lives, but did you know that just as there are rules for every aspect of life, there are also rules for using social media.

Zahra Al-Najjar, an expert on social media usage, says that whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anyone else, there are some rules of their use which, if followed, do not cause problems.

Beware of consumers

First of all, remember that just as you are using social media platforms, so are millions of people around the world using them, including people who come to the Internet with bad intentions. There should be no prey.

They may have specific goals, the most dangerous of which is to spread hatred. So you need to keep in mind that the person on your friend list does not necessarily have to be the same person as their profile. That whole account can be fake, so be careful.

Think before you share personal information

Social media is not real life, there can be a lot of things that don’t look like that. Not all people on social media are your best friends with whom you can share your personal affairs, there are people who can take advantage of them.

Beware of fake accounts

There are a lot of fake accounts on social media, if inappropriate content is being shared from an account then there is an option to report it on the same platform, report it yourself and share it with friends, on this platform ‘S management reviews this account and closes it if it is found to be fake.

Click carefully

Nowadays, if someone has something to say, the full link is copied and sent, which when clicked, you go directly to this website or post, etc., and since some sites have a record of cookies. Your account name goes where it can be used later.

Similarly, some links contain viruses, which as soon as you click on them enter your phone, computer, or laptop which can damage the files while hackers also take advantage of such clicks.

Account settings

Most people create an account on social media but do not bother to go to the setting, although it is very important to set them in terms of their personality and work.

This includes the option of who can access your profile, who can comment, and to whom the post will go. If you haven’t already, go to Settings today.

Don’t share too much

No need to share and post photos 24 hours a day, just two or four posts a day is enough if it is interesting and informative. If you continue to share things without any special occasion without any reason, your followers may get bored and may even follow them.

Avoid exaggeration

Most of the posts are exaggerated which may make people think that you are doing this for a specific purpose, it may change their opinion about you.

The humorous aspect

Whether it’s a post or a comment on a post, adopt a light-hearted style that has a humorous aspect, people enjoy it. However, there should be serious comments on very serious posts such as illness or death.

Take care of the feelings of others

If there is a grammar or any other mistake in someone’s post, it would be better to mention it in a private message instead of making it feel less practical by mentioning it in general comments, so that he will feel that you are not making fun of his lack of knowledge. ۔

Pictures of others

Never post pictures of people or friends without their permission. If you have a friend who has a birthday or is coming and you want to tame him, you can put a picture of cake or something else.

Don’t ask for likes

Of course, you should post on social media but you should not ask them to like or share but leave the matter to your online friends to like if they like it, as well as follow up from other people. Don’t even insist on asking.