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Facebook and Telegram pay millions of dollars to Russia

Facebook and Telegram pay millions of dollars to Russia

MOSCOW: Social networking sites Facebook and Telegram have fined Russia millions of dollars.

According to details, Russian media reported on Sunday that had paid 17 million rubles (29 229,000) in fines in Russia for failing to delete content deemed illegal by Moscow. Was imposed on.

Facebook is also at risk of another major fine, with Facebook’s parent company Meta and Google facing another lawsuit in a local court next week over alleged violations of Russian law.

In this case, Facebook could be fined up to one percent of its annual revenue in Russia. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the media on Sunday.

Russia also sent state bailiffs in October to enforce a 17 million-ruble fine imposed on Facebook.

Moscow has stepped up pressure on major tech firms in a campaign this year that critics have called an attempt by Russian authorities to tighten control over the Internet, a move that would undermine individual and corporate freedom. There is danger.

In addition, the mobile messaging application Telegram has paid a fine of 15 million rubles to Russia, but Telegram declined to comment.