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The Best Digital Marketing Strategy

The Best Digital Marketing Strategy You’ve Never Tried

The best digital marketing strategy you’ve never tried. I’ve tried a lot of marketing tactics over the year, and I’ve tried them on all sorts of businesses in different industries. Some tactics just work really, really well, no matter what industry you’re in. Other tactics just don’t work as well. And some tactics work specifically for specific industries.

But when you look at the ones that work really, really well for most industries, for some reason or not, they’re not really used much at all. And, today, I want to break down one of them that isn’t used that often, but it works super well. So well it drives me over 3,000 visitors a day. That’s over 120,000 visitors a month.



subscribers.com: https://subscribers.com/

Ubersuggest: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/


You may not get that many visitors to your website using this tactic, but you’ll get something. It’s super effective. And best of all, it doesn’t require me to spend a dollar on advertising. So what is this marketing tactic and how does it work? Push notifications. I use a tool called subscribers.com, but you can use any web push notification software to make it happen.

Just think of it this way. When someone comes to your website, how do you get them to subscribe? Maybe ask them to put in an email address, maybe ask them for their phone number, or maybe you want to build up your SML list. But what’s wrong with that? There’s nothing wrong with it, generally speaking. It doesn’t work as well as you want, and there’s a massive drop-off rate because people don’t like putting in their personal information.


A lot of people don’t like to share their phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, and the list goes on and on. And I’m not saying you’re asking for all that feels like, such as an address, but, still, people don’t like putting in their email address if they can avoid it.

push notifications:

With push notifications though, it’s different. When someone visits your website through their browser, they can subscribe to your website. All they have to do is click the Allow button. And through their browser, they can receive messages from you, and they don’t have to give you any of their personal information like your email address or your phone number. And your search browser does not give them your email address or phone number. And you can communicate with the people that subscribe through these push notification software that you’re using.

So, when you have a seller promotion running, you can let them know. Or when you have a blog post to promote, you can let everyone know. And all you have to do is just send a push notification out. It takes literally less than a minute or two.

Now, here’s my favorite part about push notifications. Have you heard of email drips? You know, where you create a drip sequence when someone automatically gets emails 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 with their new subscriber that way you can continually promote different products, and services, and generate sales? You can do the same thing through subscribers.com. You can create a push sequence that helps you drive traffic and sales.

For example,

in my push sequence, I first promote my ad agency, NP Digital, and I talk about the marketing services we offer, then I promote my software, Ubersuggest. It drives consistent traffic and signups. And, then, when I release a YouTube video, I send that out to all my push notification subscribers. And when I release a blog post, I do the same. That’s how I generate an actual 120,000 visitors a month.