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Top five favorite SEO hacks

Top five favorite SEO hacks

Top five favorite SEO hacks. To win, you have to think outside the box. If you just do what everyone else is doing, you won’t win, especially with SEO. Here are my five favorite SEO hacks that are out of the box.

Hack one,

buy websites. Have you noticed their blogs about everything? Well, a simple strategy for you to get immediate results is to look for a blog in your space. This shouldn’t be hard, as there are over a billion blogs. Look for one that has good rankings and traffic, you can find out their traffic stats using tools like Ubersuggest. What you’ll want is a blog that ranks really well within your space, and has great content, but doesn’t monetize through ads or selling products or services. Then you want to hit them up and ask them if they’re willing to sell their site. A lot of people will be like, “Yeah, sure, making no money doing this as a passion, “you can even pay them to keep blogging for you. And then what you want to do is merge that content over to your website, do 301 redirects, put them to the appropriate URLs when you’re doing the 301 redirects, and what you’ll find you’ll start getting instant rankings and traffic.

Hack number two,

ranking number one on YouTube with SEO.So YouTube‘s algorithm is the opposite of how Google SEO works. If a video does really, really well in the first 24 hours, when it’s released on YouTube, it’s probably going to do well in the long run. So how do you get your videos to do well in the first 24 hours? Not through ads, because that takes too long to get up and to run. Usually, by sending out an email blast. So when I release a video, I send out an email blast and even a push notification blast, within the first hour the video goes live, I let everyone know about it, I get tons of views, tons of engagements, and my YouTube views go through the roof, and my rankings shoot up.

Hack three,

release tools. Have you heard of calculator.net?The site doesn’t look amazing, but it has 6.2 million backlinks? Let me say that again,6.2 million backlinks.”How?” You may ask, it’s because they have calculators on everything. People love linking to calculators. If you release free tools that people want and they love, you will build links naturally, you won’t even have to send out an email. It works that well. If you can’t create these tools, you can just go to sites CodeCanyon, pop, buy the tools, pop the bubble on your website, and boom, you’re off to the races. Now the key with this strategy is to release tools for free that people are used to paying for.

Hack number four,

respond to blog comments. This one is simple, and you probably are like, “Wait, this isn’t really a hack, Neil.”But let me explain why it’s so valuable and it is a hack. Wikipedia is the seventh most popular site on the web, according to Similarweb. Do you know how Wikipedia does so well on Google? They update their content on a regular basis. Some of their most popular pages get updated daily. Their content is updated so often, and I know people are volunteering and helping out for free, but it’s updated so often that Google’s like, “Wow, this content’s fresh. We need to rank it high because it’s the most relevant and up-to-date.”So with your website, how do you keep your content updated?

Ideally, you want to update at least once a year, if not a few times a year, but that may be tough. Another way to also keep your content updated, and I wouldn’t recommend that you not do the first, so you should still try to update your content at least once or twice a year, is you can also use blog comments. And when you use blog comments, what you’ll find is that when people leave comments, and you respond to them, and you leave really thorough comments, people come back and keep leaving more comments. This produces more content and in essence, you’re updating those pages and making them more and more valuable for Google, which helps with your rankings. And when you’re leaving comments, don’t just leave a thank you, make sure it’s thoughtful, it’s relevant, and it helps people out.

Hack five,

use fewer keywords, or at least for App Store SEO. So SEO doesn’t just exist on Google, Apple App Store is extremely popular.No matter where you are, if you turn around and you see someone, chances are, someone has an iPhone, which means they also are on the App Store. But if you want to rank in the App Store, you shouldn’t shove tons of keywords in your title, even description.

Most people don’t know this, but the fewer keywords that use in your title or description in the App Store, the easier it is to rank for those terms. Just make sure that the keyword you pick keywords you pick is super popular.

It makes it way easier to rank and get higher rankings, versus going after too many keywords in the App Store, which makes it harder to rank.