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WhatsApp Desktop could almost immediately

WhatsApp Desktop could almost immediately enable you to listen to voice notes outside a chat

WhatsApp Desktop could almost immediately enable you to listen to voice notes outside a chat
Another report proposes that WhatsApp Desktop beta is presently obtaining the new worldwide media player that allows shoppers to listen to voice notes outside the examination speak.

WhatsApp’s worldwide media player was as lately seen on the iOS beta adaptation of the appliance. The player lets shoppers to listen to voice notes behind the scenes, whereas allowing them to depart the relating visit. The part is presently coming back to WhatsApp Desktop shoppers, however is heretofore in beta.

The element will exactly however it treats iOS and WhatsApp Desktop beta shoppers on this adaptation can truly wish to listen to voice notes even once they leave that specific visit.

The part are a useful enlargement to the those that often manage longer voice notes, United Nations agency may beforehand have to be compelled to stay on one screen as they tune up through the full voices note, incapable to try and do something a lot of endlessly the playback.

With the element currently on WhatsApp Desktop, it alright is also conceivable that even WhatsApp beta shoppers on golem get the new worldwide player before long. once the part is out of beta, we tend to may typically get the new worldwide player within the following stable update.
It truly isn’t however clear once which will occur but, as there’s no timetable on this uncovered magisterially however.


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Expected features of WhatsApp in 2022

Expected features of WhatsApp in 2022

San Francisco: WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, is expected to introduce new features in 2022.

According to a report by Web Beta Info, a website that monitors every activity of WhatsApp, in 2022, WhatsApp will also introduce a number of features, which are not yet known. But there are some features that are currently in beta versions and hopefully will be available to users in the coming weeks or months.



Hide last seen status

The seemingly common feature of this app is its hidden weakness in keeping track of your activities and that is Last Scene Status. But WhatsApp may soon introduce a feature to hide the last scene for specific contacts. This feature is being tested in the beta version of the app and in the near future, all users will be able to choose their last scene status on WhatsApp from 4 categories.

WhatsApp currently offers 3 privacy options for Last Scene, Profile Foot and About, Everyone, My Contacts, and No Body. But soon you will be able to see the fourth option My Contact Expat. When this fourth option is selected, you will be able to select these people at will and disable access to the Last Scene for them. This will allow you to prevent certain people from viewing the last scene, profile photo, or personal info on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Edit

The editing option for media sharing in the messaging app is also being changed and this will allow users to add more people before sending media files. Similarly, WhatsApp users will be given an option to upload media in status update even if they are already sending a file to a WhatsApp chat. This feature is still being tested in Android and iOS beta versions.

WhatsApp community

A WhatsApp group can’t have more than 256 members, but that won’t happen anytime soon. A feature called WhatsApp Community is being tested in beta, allowing 10 WhatsApp groups to be linked to a community. It will also have a new announcement section that will be accessible only to admins and will allow them to share a message to members of all groups linked to the community.

Profile photo in the notification

WhatsApp is testing a new feature in beta for iOS devices. Under this feature, when a user receives a WhatsApp notification, the profile photo of the person who sent the message will be displayed in the notification. Upon receiving the notification, just a text message appears on the phone screen.