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7 Important Benefits of Using WordPress To Build

7 Important Benefits of Using WordPress To Build

7 Important Benefits of Using WordPress To Build Your Website, the prospect of creating a new website on your own may be exciting intimidating, and even downright stressful after consulting with other professionals and researching on your own it quickly becomes clear that there is no lack of web creation platforms to choose from and one size does not fit.

Number one,

WordPress is completely free you heard right wordpress.org is an open source and free website building platform developed in conjunction with volunteers open source means that the code is available to the public and can be modified and shared with anyone you pay for hosting and there are optional premium themes plugins and extended features as well.

Number two,

WordPress is a content management system WordPress was created by bloggers for bloggers but the WordPress content management system or cms isn’t just for blog posts web creators can use it to create maintain and market just about any type of post or product.

Number three,

WordPress is SEO friendly free plugins like Yoast and rank math gives web creators like you the tools and guidance you need to format your website’s SEO properly and WordPress is popular in the marketing sphere this makes for a smoother workflow when outsourcing your marketing.

Number four,

you own your WordPress website owning your website may sound like a given but did you know that many platforms don’t allow you to transfer your assets and code outside their environment explained earlier WordPress is open-source for all websites and files and code belong to the site owner for you to do as you wish with them so.

if for example, you work with a developer you can also grant them access to the file eliminating web development limitations that often arise on other platforms before we move on to the next benefit go ahead and hit that like button if you’re enjoying the video so far.

Number five,

WordPress is extremely flexible WordPress gives you the ability to start small and grow over time so you can add as you go and since it’s open source there are virtually no limits to what you can develop in WordPress you can build anything from landing pages to blogs too.

comprehensive online stores page building plugins can provide even more flexibility elementor and elementor pro extend WordPress’s capabilities by giving you the power to build and style your entire website which includes designing site parts web pages posts shops and landing pages and our collection of versatile website kits give you even more customization.

Number six,

WordPress has an unsurpassed community support WordPress is well known for its established worldwide community encouraging you to interact with diverse but like-minded web creators you’ll find a range of support groups sharing information and suggestions on every imaginable topic related to WordPress you’ll also find a variety of in-person and online meetups and conferences bringing together an enthusiastic community.

Number seven,

WordPress is expandable the WordPress repository is loaded with plugins in case you’re not familiar with them plugins are essentially extensions you can add to your WordPress website for extra capabilities as mentioned before there are plugins for SEO like Yoast and rank map and page building plugins.

such as elementor there are also plugins for e-commerce added security live chat event calendars and so many more we’ve covered seven important benefits of using WordPress to create your website but we’ve only scratched the surface of the power of WordPress and what it can do for your site to learn more about WordPress check out our free course introduction to WordPress.

on the elementor academy if you’d like to streamline your WordPress web building process check out the elementor cloud website which provides hosting for our premium page builder plugin elementor pro.